CTP Solutions offers a suite of bill delivery and bill payment solutions, that will save time and money, while improving timely deliver and shortening the payment cycle. All while producing dramatic operational efficiencies.

Print & Mail Billing
As a nationwide specialist in B2B billing, CTP’s print and mail service offers many advantages whether a business is sending their bills in-house or already outsourcing. CTP’s high-speed, automated printing solution delivers reduced costs, higher quality bills, fewer errors, and improved marketing.
We offer these major efficiencies:
-Track Each and Every bill online
-Mailing the Next Day´
-Messages can vary by region, account type and attributes
-Low dollar invoices delayed to reduce postage cost.
-Rerouting addresses identified and corrected

Email Billing Huge Cost Savings
Email is less costly than a conventional mailed bill. But you will also save delivery time and your customers have gotten used to emailing so they find it satisfactory. You can email invoices daily in a single PDF file. The invoice is an exact replica of the paper invoice. Included it allows your customers to import their invoice data directly into accounting packages like QuickBooks and Peachtree.

Fax Billing
A Fax billing program will offer an additional delivery channel, some customers still prefer getting their bills via Fax. Your customers receive a single fax containing all the invoices you are sending. Automatic retry logic ensures that a bill will be delivered. Disconnected fax numbers, we'll automatically notify you for alternative delivery.

EIPP Electronic Invoice Payment
CTP allows you to present your customers with a secure, easy-to-use online site for viewing and paying their invoices. CTP will set up a hosted and branded site for your company. Your customers will have a full complement of tools to manage and pay their bills.
-Pay the Bill
-View The Bill
-Search For Bills
-Download Bill Data
-Short Pay With Comments
-Dispute Line Items
-Print the bill

Centralized Billing
Centralized billing is a secure web service where B2B bill recipients can receive and pay invoices from many of their vendors. Your customers no longer need to visit multiple websites to pay multiple vendor invoices or endure the time-consuming process of writing and mailing paper checks.

Customer Support All Billing Activity
PDF images of your customers' bills are stored on our web server. Your staff can search and view via password protected doorway any invoices, payment and quickly e-mail or fax multiple copies, or even accept payments.

Boosting Customer Participation
CTP has developed a formalized program to assist in the migration of your customers to electronic solutions. Our program success has increased every year. Providing your customers an electronic bill delivery and payment program is a way to simplify your operations. Making it easier for customers to do business with you and reducing costs at the same time.

Electronic Invoice Presentment Module
Provides billers access to our highly configurable, scalable, and user friendly web platform CTP EIPP. This web portal technology will be fully branded to replicate the same look and feel of the biller's current web site. CTP EIPP will enable billers to create mass customer e-mail invitation campaigns, manage customer self-registrations, send e-mail billing notifications, provide web visibility of bills/statements and launch e-mail alerts. Custom messaging can also be embedded in the presentation layer providing another avenue to cross-sell, up-sell or inform customers about company news or promotions.

Electronic Consent Module: Facilitates the legal e-consent process by which your clients may agree to suppress the printing and delivery of paper bills or statements. Recent legislative requirements mandate that customer authorizations be properly agreed to via click through agreements and proper audit reports be compiled. The EIPP portal provides the required self-registration workflow, execution of client authorizations, and audit tracking reports required for full compliance.

Electronic Document Linkage: This standard feature enables billers to present not only the first electronic document such as an e-Bill but also link other supporting documents to the transaction. Additional documents to be displayed might be delivery receipts, purchase orders, service tickets, or airway billings. Electronic document link is fully integrated within the core EIPP long-term document archiving and retrieval platform. Providing the required flexibility and scalability to automatically display multiple documents linked to the same transaction.

Dispute Management Module: Accelerates the collection process by allowing short-pay customers to immediately dispute an invoice online with the required dispute reason codes and supporting notes. The CTP EIPP dispute management module is especially designed for billers with complex dispute procedures. Our CTP EIPP system offers the industry's most robust dispute and full reconcilement reports. Daily accounts receivable file transmissions will include short pay amounts, proper dispute reason codes, and detailed customer messages explaining the short pay.

Electronic Payment Module: While reviewing their bills customers can immediately execute a payment via ACH or credit/debit card transactions. Customers can setup an immediate one-time payment, recurring payments, or future dated payments. The EIPP application will automatically generate the NACHA formatted ACH file for transmission to the billers bank. The EIPP module facilitates the real-time credit card validation and creation of credit card files through a fully integrated authorization gateway. Daily credit card and debit card files will be transmitted directly to the biller's credit card processor of choice. Payment confirmations with full remittance details are e-mailed to your customer for full reconciliation. Customers may view their full payment history including payment dates, amounts, and types.

Electronic Document Storage & Archive: Efficiently index, archive, and retrieve thousands of pages or images in an instant. Archive retrieval options include immediate "Real-time Plus", near time "Archive Plus", and hard disk outputs utilizing "Retention Plus". Our EIPP document storage system also facilitates the distribution of data and documents through local networks, wide area networks, intranets, and across the internet. Users will be able to provide the ability to display, print, fax, e-mail and analyze document information. The inherent flexibility of the system allows links to be made between multiple data reports and imaged documents.

Intelligent Web Templates: Create on-line web templates for on-line credit applications, purchase orders, W9s, bills, acknowledgements, or other financial documents where you need to capture client data. Easily create on-line forms for external customers or internal employees to enter financial data. Our EIPP Intelligent Web Templates allow you to capture required information from your customers and incorporate a workflow that routes this information to various departments for internal review and approval. Establish business rules to help validate data fields, sequences, or full pages. Captured data can be mapped and exported in any format such as CSV, EDI, or XML. These intelligent web templates are perfect for gaining the participation of smaller buyers and suppliers as part of an EDI augmentation strategy.

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