Billing Sucesss Stories

A Financial Services Company migrated to on-line presentment which allowed for cost savings of more than 40% while achieving SEC mandated security, retention and disaster recovery requirements. Customer satisfaction was also enhanced through provision of client self-service portals.

A major Healthcare customer achieved a 30% savings by leveraging electronic presentment and achieved a 60% reduction in their processing and archival fees with our automation.

A Manufacturing and Distribution customer, had customers threatening to leave if they didn't offer them electronic invoicing and payment alternatives. Now with our solution in place they've not only salvaged their customer relationships and secured their place against their competition, but also will achieve 25% process efficiency and a four day reduction in DSO by the end of the year.

A Heavy Equipment dealer needed online presentment of their invoices to their customers to reduce the cost, delays, and difficulties associated with preparing and mailing paper invoices. With an EIPP solution they achieved savings of approximately $200,000 on postage, paper and personnel within year one alone. Now customers can also easily view any invoice at any time, enabling them to quickly answer many of the questions that would have previously come to the company's call center.

By enhancing and automating the billing process with the adoption of EIPP, one of our Food and Beverage Distributors, was able to significantly improve productivity, use of capital and scalability allowing them to acquire three new companies without adding any additional resources to their team.

One of our Insurance companies introduced electronic payments as a means of accelerating their cash receipts and reducing their DSO without realizing the demand within their customer base. Within a matter of a few months they had well over 15% adoption without even advertising the solution was available.

Pest Industry Success Story
CTP provides a comprehensive solution that is proven in the Pest Industry. Over 20years of business we have helped many companies in the pest industry to reduce costs and provide proven solutions that can quickly be implemented with the confidence that if changes are needed in the future for business process they can be made quickly.

CTP has specific functionality to help companies in the Pest Industry deal with consumers (B2C) and/or businesses (B2B). Solutions that can be implemented and provided for the Pest Industry are:
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   Electronic Bill/Invoice Presentation and Payment (EBPP & EIPP)
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   Document Archive for your Bills, Invoices & Statements
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   Remittance and Payment Processing
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   Green Environment Protection

Case Example:
Problem: Customers were not receiving their invoices, collections notices and renewal notices in on a timely schedule. The company was spending too much time printing and sending out these critical business documents. Adding to this problem was the designing and ordering marketing product inserts which took up time from valuable resources. The pest company needed a more reliable and efficient process for their printing and mailing of these critical business documents.

Security Products Inc.
Security Products partnered with CTP Solutions to create our e-Bill platform, which has given us an electronic invoicing and payment solution for our extensive customer base. This solution has positioned Security Products as the leader in our industry related to 24/7 electronic account access for customers.

Prior to launching Security Products e-Bill, we identified the following problems / challenges:
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   Customers experienced lack of access to / visibility of their accounts.
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   We had no options for electronically invoicing our customers.
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   Very limited electronic payment options were available.
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   Staffing increases to handle manual posting of customer's checks.
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   Increased DSO due to mail time on invoices and payments.
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   Increasing expenses for printing, paper, envelopes and postage.
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   Customer Finance Reps and customers unable to view the same data.
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   No options for scheduling future-dated payments or automated payment plans for customers.
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   We were very interested in Going Green and using less paper to help our environment.

CTP Solutions recommended an online solution for Electronic Delivery, Archiving and Payment Services.

Security Products and our customers have realized the following benefits and successes through the CTP Solutions partnership experience:
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   We have taken our service levels to the next level by offering our customers an electronic billing and payment      option.
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   Added customer convenience with 24/7 account access along with electronic invoice delivery and eCheck and     credit card payment options.
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   Implemented an interactive process for deduction and dispute management processes. This function allows us to     have real-time visibility of issues and faster response time.
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   Reduced credit card fees by offering Level II and Level III purchasing card capability.
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   Enhanced customer service levels by offering 2 portals where customers and customer finance agents can     access and view the same data, as well as enter payments.
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   Archive invoices and statements in PDF format, as well as payment history with 12 months of data storage.
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   Ease of posting customer payments into our main database by transmitting a daily ERA (Electronic Remittance     Advice) file which electronically loads and auto-posts payments into our main database directly from the e-Bill     platform.
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   Daily and Monthly reports for increased visibility and ease of reconciliation process.
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   We are Going Green with reduced paper usage, envelopes, printing costs and postage.
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   Reduced DSO and improved cash flow by decreasing mail time of invoices / payments.
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   Reduced staffing levels due to increased efficiency in payment posting, customer service, and customer self-help     options.
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   Ability to set up automatic payment plans, and have customers schedule future-dated payments.
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   Access to e-Bill is controlled through our own Web Catalog platform, so the customer experience is that of using     one seamless website. Information flows back and forth through secured Trusted Gateway calls.
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   To date, we have enrolled over 1,000 customer accounts in e-Bill.

Going forward, Security Products would consider adding the following elements to the e-Bill platform:
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   Integration of our shipping manifest stations and will call centers to the electronic payment process.
BILLING SUCESSS STORIES   Mailing house services to handle invoicing for those customers who are not yet enrolled in E-Delivery of their      invoices.

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