EIPP / Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment by CTP
EIPP / Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment by CTP
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July 20, 2012
EIPP / Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment by CTP

EIPP from CTP slashes administrative overhead by reducing the cost of creating and delivering invoices and statements without adding expensive and complex software or hardware. Line-item commenting significantly reduces the time and difficulty involved with disputed Invoices, ensuring faster payment. Invoices paid electronically also reduces Days-Sales-Outstanding (DSO) and related financial expenses.

EIPP offers these powerful features:

Including all the EBPP features
Electronic replicas of paper invoices can be grouped and delivered as single email attachments.
A broad variety of options enables payment of multiple invoices with a single transaction.
Line-item commenting gives your customers the ability to interactively question specific items from the online invoice, eliminating the potential for error associated with email and phone messages.
Ability for a centralized payment department to have visibility into all their branches and subsidiaries to pay many invoices with one payment.
Send additional reminders via mobile phone text messaging (SMS).

Send E-invoices
Present and manage all your invoices and other receivables documents online for a faster, greener and more cost-effective invoicing software process.

EIPP automates your entire accounts receivable process from capturing ePurchase orders and issuing eInvoices to controlling debtors and collecting payments online.

EIPP is fully VAT compliant and integrates easily with your existing ERP or invoicing software systems to deliver a paperless and efficient online invoicing process. In addition to eliminating all the labor, material and posting costs associated with paper invoicing, the benefits for suppliers include error reduction, quicker settlement and improved visibility. Customers can enjoy faster invoice delivery; invoice data download into any finance system and faster dispute resolution. They can also benefit from early payment terms and an overall improvement in customer service.

Leverage our Technology
Put the power of CTP to work for you and reap the benefits of secure customer enrollment, instant data availability, payment capabilities for customers and customer service agents, interactive communications, extensive reporting mechanisms and exact transaction histories.

EBPP & EIPP benefits:
Accelerate cash flow - Electronic customer payments are faster than mail, significantly reducing DSO.
Reduce invoicing costs - Sending invoices electronically reduces printing and postage costs associated with mailing statements.
Reduce Payment Processing Costs - Payments made with our Online Billing Service - EBPP & EIPP can be applied automatically to your billing system, reducing the time and potential for error associated with manual posting.
Contain customer service costs - Easy-to-use online communications tools are available to both staff and customers, eliminating telephone tag and delayed payments often associated with disputed invoices.
Improve customer satisfaction - As business becomes increasingly competitive, your ability to respond more quickly and efficiently will enhance customer service and satisfaction, which are key differentiators for success.

Functionality Benefits:
Easy Integration No additional hardware or software is required for our Online Billing Service - EBPP & EIPP, and customers have no need to become familiar with new document formats.
A Total Invoicing Solution Online Billing Service - EBPP & EIPP includes the functions of eArchive Document Storage, eDelivery Courier and eLockbox Payments to form a complete Online Billing service.
Flexible Payment Options Customers can pay via automatic debit or credit card using multiple bank accounts to match their accounting requirements. Multiple invoices can be paid with a single payment transaction (EIPP Only).
Supplier Self-Service Support Online Billing Service - EBPP& EIPP enables customers to view their bills at your payment website, review what payments you have received and have been applied, and ask billing questions online.
Online Document Access While standard online storage is one year, bills can also be maintained online indefinitely for an additional fee and can be quickly accessed by indexes you select during implementation.
Dispute Management (EIPP) This is an optional feature customers can use to initiate disputes directly from electronic invoices. It enables them to document potential errors and establishes an email link to communicate resolutions.

EIPP works seamlessly alongside your existing invoicing systems and can be used standalone. Use EIPP service for automating complex billing processes that require additional workflow functionality.

Key Features of EIPP:
Send eInvoices from existing systems and present online
Receive ePurchase orders and other AR documents
Real-time one view of all documents & transactions
Document presentment & download in multiple formats
Full document history and archiving with detailed search
Online query management
Automated debtor control
Workflow map onto internal processes e.g. approval, permissions
Bespoke reporting e.g. document status, exception handling
Multilingual, multicurrency
Non-technical billing software with little training required
Easy to use web screens with corporate branding throughout

Integrated Payments
The full value of online invoicing lies in completing the transaction end-to-end which includes payment and reconciliation. Enabling your customers to make an invoice payment in real-time online drastically speeds up the settlement process and helps to improve cash flow.

Fast Customer Enrolment with 100% Coverage

More and more customers are demanding online invoicing from their suppliers. With CTP you can rest assured that your customer enrollment process will be simple and expedient. We understand that service adoption is critical to the success of your online invoicing project and we will help you every step of the way. The CTP Team will be on hand to assist you throughout the enrollment process with help and advice.

Receive E-invoices

CTP automates your AP process and delivers supplier invoice data directly into your financial systems, an ideal service for automating complex billing processes that require additional workflow functionality. Make it easy for suppliers to send you eInvoices and manage your payables process online to reduce manual input, eliminate errors and drive down costs with AP automation solutions.

Key Features of CTP AP Module:
Send ePurchase orders from existing systems and present online
Online purchase order ‘flip to invoice’ option for suppliers
Receive supplier eInvoices and other AP documents in any format
Import eInvoice data into your existing systems
Real-time one view of all documents & transactions
Full document history and archiving with detailed search
Online query management
Workflow map onto internal processes e.g. approval, permissions
Bespoke reporting e.g. document status, exception handling
Multilingual, multicurrency
Non-technical with little training required
Easy to use web screens with corporate branding throughout

Outsource Your AP Paper Invoice Processing
If you want to make the immediate switch from paper to electronic in one day, then our Paper To Data invoice scanning service is for you. With Paper to Data, we receive and scan all your inbound paper invoices and output the data directly into your ERP or finance system. Your finance team can then view and manage all invoice data using the online Supplier Portal - quickly and simply. Paper to Data (Invoice imaging) is also a cost-effective stepping stone to full eInvoicing. Following implementation we can work with you to get all your suppliers onboard, enabling you to make the easy migration to a fully automated AP process over time. Find out more about Paper to Data

Paper To Data (Outsourced Scanning)
Use Paper to Data to eliminate paper from day one. We receive all your inbound paper invoices, scan them and then output the data directly into your ERP or finance system for electronic processing. Paper to Data is a cost-effective stepping stone to full eInvoicing.

Dealing with inbound paper invoices is a time consuming and costly task. With Paper to Data you can easily transform this function by eliminating paper and introducing a quicker more cost effective process from day one. With invoice imaging, we receive and scan all your inbound paper invoices and output the data directly into your ERP or finance system. Your finance team can then view and manage all invoice data online - quickly and simply.

Key Benefits of Paper To Data/Invoice Imaging:
Eliminate paper from day one - No more manual processing and storage of paper documents. No more lost invoices or filing cabinets full of invoices you cannot find.
Implement full eInvoicing over time - You get an electronic data feed from day one but reduce costs and processing times in the longer term as your suppliers adopt eInvoicing.
Be more accurate and eliminate errors - Automated data capture and validation eliminates errors introduced by manual data entry and minimizes exceptions downstream.
Faster data entry into finance systems - Invoice data is immediately uploaded to your finance system upon receipt, giving you real-time access to all payables data.
Data archiving and full digital back-up - Once in the system, all AP document data is readily available online 24/7 and can be accessed from any web browser.
Cut costs in AP processing - Paper to Data/Invoice imaging introduces efficiencies throughout the AP function to streamline existing processes and lower invoice handling costs.

June 16, 2012

Now you can outsource the processing of your invoices and statements to CTP Solutions. Eliminate your staffing and equipment headaches — let us print, fold, sort and mail your bills.

Save money and time by outsourcing your billing to CTP Solutions!

Save on postage. By having our laser printer apply a personalized barcode on each bill, you will receive first-class automated mail discount rates that average $60.00 per 1000 pieces less than regular postage — a savings of 6¢ each. You will save even more, 7¢ – 8¢ each, if your mailings are regionally concentrated.

Increase cash flow. We’ll get your bills in the mail days faster, we bypass regular sorting at the post office. Not only is your mail often delivered two to three days sooner, your remittance envelope is also bar coded so it comes back to you quicker.

Save time on remittance processing. We can add barcodes to your bills so you can automate your in-house remittance procedure, or we can add an OCR typeface to your bill so you can utilize a lockbox service through your bank (at local or multiple locations nationwide) for same day payment processing and deposit of checks.

Save on freight. If you are like most companies your invoices, statements, and envelopes are printed and shipped to you, and then billed in full, plus the freight cost. With outsourcing, your forms and stock envelopes are manufactured at the same site as the mailing house, so there is no freight. You will easily save hundreds of dollars per year. We bill for forms and envelopes only as they’re used, not in advance (making it easier on your cash flow).

Save on warehousing space. Most likely you’re ordering invoices and/or statements, plus #10 envelopes and #9 reply envelopes. These items must be stored and then transported to your processing area. With our service, all printed items will be stored off-site at our processing facility, freeing up your space and saving you time.

Save on capital expenses. There is no longer a need to purchase or lease special mail processing equipment or software. Now you can finally get away from those costly long-term equipment leases and service agreements.

Save time. During most company’s billing process, much of your employees’ time is spent printing, folding, inserting, sorting, handling, metering, and mailing your billing forms. Then, when that’s all done, they still have to sort and file away the extra copies for your records. With outsourcing, most of these duties are eliminated so your valuable personnel will be free to do more important, customer oriented duties.

Reduce Customer Errors, Late Payments, and Incoming Telephone Calls about Confusing Bills and Statements
Your mission is to find customers, satisfy these customers, and offer them additional services and products. But, it is equally important to retain these customers for your company.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that upset customers and cause them to become dissatisfied. One common complaint is about the confusing, hard-to-read bills and notices they receive. Frustration increases when a consumer has to call in with a simple question, and is put on hold.

CTP Solutions can help improve your customer service by sending a bill to your customer that is more concise, clear, and user friendly.

On many billing documents, the use of highlight typefaces to call attention to a few key words can make a major difference in the timeliness of client response. By highlighting certain phrases, you can substantially reduce your incoming phone calls for repetitive billing questions, while eliminating customer errors and improving payment times— on average, bills are paid sooner. In addition, increased response to the initial billing resulted in a dramatic decrease in the number of past due reminders they had to mail out saving additional postage expense.

Why Your Company Should Consider Outsourcing
Many companies are most efficient when they focus on their ?core? business and rely on outsource professionals to handle repetitive tasks. You should consider outsourcing if:
Your mail processing equipment is slow and inefficient.
Your office staff stops their regular duties to get the bills out.
Your company is not efficient at performing this task.
You rely on one person to process any critical step of your billing. If so, what happens to your mailing deadline when that person is sick or out of town.
You are unable to image barcodes on envelopes that saves on postage.
Your equipment is difficult to set-up and operate.

Though new technology is constantly striving to make our lives easier, keeping up with the latest processing equipment and software is both expensive and time consuming. The drain on office personnel, as well as the financial investment required to stay current, makes outsourcing of billing an attractive option for companies that prefer to stick to the business they know.

Outsourcing with CTP, however, requires little investment on your part. There is the set-up cost for the initial programming of your application, and the cost of printing new laser cut sheet bills (which are billed only as used). On our end, we take care of all postal/processing software and equipment required — now, and in the future — so you don’t have to buy it, lease it, maintain it, staff it, or dedicate office space for it.

Maximize Your Marketing and “Up-Sell” Your Customers
CTP can selectively insert marketing and product information into your outgoing bills, usually with no additional postage. Take advantage of this capability to promote your company by transforming your billing into the ultimate marketing tool!

Billing is a perfect vehicle to incorporate marketing and promotional information:
Readership and responses are higher than unsolicited mail.
Enhance your brand identity by inserting newsletters and press releases.
Marketing communication will reach your customer every billing cycle.
You can insert new product or service announcements in all your mailings inexpensively..
You can promote or test new services and products to all customers, or a select list.

CTP Also Improves Your Document Management

Documents and the information they contain are directly linked to the ultimate success of any business. However, the amount of time it takes to access that information can create a real bottleneck. With CTP outsourcing program, one of the services available to your company is the streamlining of your internal document management. We can organize the information your company needs and make it easy to access. This can be done in a simple, cost-effective manner, providing benefits to all departments including accounting, customer service and sales. Here are just two ideas:

1) CTP can print and pre-sort your billing file copies. When printing billing file copies for your office records, we can print in any sorted order you prefer, even different sorts for different departments, for example:

sort by customer number for accounts receivable
sort by alpha for your salespeople
sort by numeric sequence for your back-up records file

Your file copies will arrive pre-cut and ready-to-file so your office personnel will save hours of time — no more bursting, decollating, sorting, or copying. Your filing will be done quicker and with higher accuracy.

2) You can digitally store and access your billing file copies using CD-ROM technology. CTP can provide you with a CD-ROM copy of all your billing activity (weekly or monthly) that will allow you high-speed access to your invoices in the same format your customer received them. Other benefits your company will receive by using CD-ROM:

The need for hard copy filing is eliminated.
Internal and off-site records warehousing costs are reduced by storing your data electronically.
One CD-ROM on a PC-based network can be accessed by multiple customer service personnel without ever leaving their chairs.
If a customer requires a duplicate hard copy, it’s as easy as pressing the printer, fax or e-mail buttons on the customer service personnel’s computer
. Notes:

The electronic archive works on any Windows based system. The archive file will display the information on the screen in the exact same format as it was mailed, along with all graphics.
If desired, archiving of mailed pieces is also offered via electronic down-load.

The Advantages and Flexibility of Using our High-Speed Laser Printer

Standard Capabilities:
Speed: 135 pages per minute
Both sides can be printed (Duplex) to save paper and postage.
MICR toner capable for checks

We can print on a wide variety of paper stocks:

Paper stock: from 20# bond up to 100# tag
Sizes: 8 1/2 x 11, 8 1/2 x 14, and 11 x 17
We can pre-perf stock to make return payment slips, subscription renewal forms, and discount coupons.
We can also utilize up to four paper trays to mix different types or colors of paper stock during the run.

Transform Your Billing into a Profit Center
Did you know that you can sell advertising ?space? in your billing envelopes to help offset your overhead? Now you can do what most oil companies and credit card companies have been doing for years — they charge other companies for the privilege to insert their advertising piece into the billing envelope.

What would some of your suppliers or vendors pay to have only their advertising piece sent directly to the home or businesses of your client base?
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EIPP / Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment by CTP
EIPP / Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment by CTPEIPP / Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment by CTPEIPP / Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment by CTPEIPP / Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment by CTP
EIPP / Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment by CTP
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