B2B  CTP Customer Care
B2B  CTP Customer Care
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Expedites consumer receivables cash flow by helping your staff view images of historical statements online to quickly resolve billing related questions

CTP Digital Archive provides online access to exact replicas of statements printed by CTP as PDF documents and offers document printing capabilities from the desktop of authorized users. For organizations that prefer to store and access the statement images using their own proprietary systems instead, CTP can deliver the files to a secure FTP site for file retrieval.

B2B  CTP Customer Care  Accelerates response time to billing inquiries
B2B  CTP Customer Care  Eliminates the hassle of digging through mounds of paperwork to find copies of historical statements

File Conversion
B2B  CTP Customer Care  Converts statement files to PDF images for online viewing

Online Archive
B2B  CTP Customer Care  Stores images, graphics and shading in the electronic image to identically match the original printed document
B2B  CTP Customer Care  Archives statement images for one year of online archive or for a longer period of time at an additional charge
B2B  CTP Customer Care  Can send statement images as PDF or TIFF files to the client via secure FTP for storage within an internal    imaging system

Online Access
B2B  CTP Customer Care  Allows staff to reprint the statement using their own desktop printer or submit a request to CTP to initiate    statement reprinting and mailing
B2B  CTP Customer Care  Provides searchable access to records by name, account number or mail date
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B2B  CTP Customer Care
B2B  CTP Customer CareB2B  CTP Customer CareB2B  CTP Customer CareB2B  CTP Customer Care
B2B  CTP Customer Care
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