Municipality Utility e Adoption
Municipality Utility e Adoption
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The e-adoption kit provided by CTP is designed to provide billers with a set of tools to assist in driving adoption of electronic billing and payment amongst customers.

With the goals of increasing awareness, educating, and ultimately converting customers from paper to electronic billing, many of the tools are customizable to reflect partners and/or the biller's brand.

Toolkit includes
Municipality Utility e Adoption  Biller Best Practices Introduction
Municipality Utility e Adoption  Program Overview One-sheet
Municipality Utility e Adoption  Bill Stuffer
Municipality Utility e Adoption  FAQs & Educational Content
Municipality Utility e Adoption  Website Promotional Banners
Municipality Utility e Adoption  ‘Pay Now’ Buttons

Municipality Utility e Adoption

CTP Electronic Invoicing and Payment (EIPP) Approach
CTP's Electronic invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) applications make presenting bills and collecting payments quick and easy. Our CTP EBPP web portal allows your customers to simply pay with a click and not a check. For decades, the basic B2B "Order to Pay" cycle has remained relatively unchanged. Sell goods or services. Present a paper bill. Remittance received via a paper check. Given EBPP industry leading web technology, billers can now present an electronic bill or statement online and enable clients to pay immediately with a simple click. Customers will be able to view underlying documentation and an electronic reconciliation file will be provided to upload directly into your A/R system.

SaaS Model: Our on-demand SaaS model significantly reduces the total amount of time required by your IT resources during implementation and production support. Since CTPs fully hosts the EIPP application at our data center, your company will eliminate the tremendous expense of hardware, software, and technical resources required to support multiple development, test, and production environments.

A SaaS model allows your company to expedite the implementation and rollout of our current EIPP solution and future enhancements needed to keep your company competitive. Our hosted EIPP platform will allow your company to recognize savings faster, quicker return on investment, and be viewed as a technological leader in your industry.

Modular Approach: Our CTP products can be delivered in a modular approach or as a fully integrated custom solution. We provide a state-of-art system that we regularly enhance through periodic upgrades, new releases, and new functionality to remain current with industry best practices. We manage our environments and control data in accordance with industry standards for audit and compliance purposes. CTP is fully capable of demonstrating compliance for legal admissibility and security requirements.
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Municipality Utility e Adoption
Municipality Utility e AdoptionMunicipality Utility e AdoptionMunicipality Utility e AdoptionMunicipality Utility e Adoption
Municipality Utility e Adoption
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