E-lockbox Electronic Web Pay
E-lockbox Electronic Web Pay
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E-lockbox Electronic Web Pay - Improve cash availability by providing ACH and credit card payment capabilities to the back of your commercial customer's current business web site. Enable their customers to originate one time or recurring payments via ACH or Credit Card.

E-lockbox Electronic Web Pay  Provision of data: If your customer does not have a website, CTP will setup a secure ftp site where key invoice summary information is displayed for customers to make the payment. If a website already exists we can include a link to make a payment within the existing invoicing platform to leverage the CTP payment engine to complete the transaction.

E-lockbox Electronic Web Pay  Make the payment: Customers have the option of either ACH or credit card (if you allow credit card payments) as the vehicle for payment. Customers enter the applicable information relative to Bank Account # or Credit Card # and that information is stored securely within Data Impact's site. Customers can then simply click the "Pay Now" button and receive via the portal (and email) a confirmation of payment and settlement date.

E-lockbox Electronic Web Pay  ACH and Credit Card files are processed according to the operational guidelines and standards as set forth for PCI and NACHA compliance.

Target Market - B2B & B2C commercial customers who currently have their own invoice presentment vehicle or catalog website and only need payment capabilities. Commercial customers who do not have a website but still want to offer some means of online web payments.

CTP Lockbox Service
Expedites consumer receivables cash flow by accelerating the processing, depositing and posting of consumer payments received through the mail

CTP Lockbox Service automates the process of sorting, opening, posting, depositing and managing consumer payments received through the mail.

E-lockbox Electronic Web Pay  Greater bank flexibility enables you to keep your community banking relationships
E-lockbox Electronic Web Pay  Helps you get paid more quickly by automating payment processing and depositing
E-lockbox Electronic Web Pay  Greater deposit flexibility enables you to split singular mailed payments and deposit funds into multiple accounts
E-lockbox Electronic Web Pay  Helps you save money by reducing the number of exceptions leveraging historical statement data

Payment Processing
E-lockbox Electronic Web Pay  Processes and scans all envelope contents including the remittance stub, checks, etc.
E-lockbox Electronic Web Pay  Leverages historical consumer statement data to significantly reduce the number of exceptions normally caused    by missing statement remittance information
E-lockbox Electronic Web Pay  Reads the scanline printed on the statement to identify the consumer's account information

Payment Depositing
E-lockbox Electronic Web Pay  Deposits funds into your existing accounts enabling you to keep your community banking relationships
E-lockbox Electronic Web Pay  Automates payment acceptance and can deposit check and credit card payments into one or more provider bank    accounts
E-lockbox Electronic Web Pay  Can split singular mailed payments according to business logic and deposit the funds into multiple accounts

Payment Posting
E-lockbox Electronic Web Pay  Automates the process of posting consumer payments
E-lockbox Electronic Web Pay  Offers advanced lockbox management capabilities allowing payments to be applied to multiple accounts

Reporting Capabilities
E-lockbox Electronic Web Pay  Archives scanned images for seven years for long-term access
E-lockbox Electronic Web Pay  Provides web-based workflow tools to manage consumer communications received through the mail such as    change of address request, insurance updates and general correspondence
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E-lockbox Electronic Web Pay
E-lockbox Electronic Web PayE-lockbox Electronic Web PayE-lockbox Electronic Web PayE-lockbox Electronic Web Pay
E-lockbox Electronic Web Pay
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